Invitation to Bank of Guyana's Monthly Counterfeit Detection Training Session

The Bank of Guyana “shall have the sole right to issue notes and coins in Guyana and subject as aforesaid, only such notes and coins issued by the Bank shall be legal tender in Guyana” Bank of Guyana Act 1998 – S21 – (1).

In keeping with the above and conscious of its public relations role, the Bank has scheduled a one hour session to discuss and demonstrate how you may detect counterfeit notes.  The session focuses on the concept of legal tender, care of the currency, duplication of currency notes, identification of forged currency notes as well as legal implications.  It also explores alternative payment arrangements that may be utilized by individuals and businesses. 

A session is scheduled for Thursday, 27th February 2020 in the Bank’s Conference and training Centre, Third Floor, Bank of Guyana.  The session will last approximately one hour and begin promptly at 14:00 hrs.  Participants arriving after 14:05 hrs will not be granted access to the Bank. The presentation will be done by Mrs. Lynette Baird-Fiedtkou, Communications Officer,

Communications Unit.

You and/or your organization is hereby invited to attend on the day identified.  Participants at each session will be limited to the first thirty five (35) registered persons.

Kindly contact Ms. Malinda Trotman on 226-5562 or to give the name(s) of your participants at your earliest convenience.