There are seven currency notes issued by the Bank of Guyana. The denominations are as follows:

Issued: November 15, 1965


Upgraded Issued: October 10, 1988

20 fr2 small
20 bk2 small
Design and Security features same as Series (1) except for the Front and Back Register found at the far left and right of the note

Revised: September 16, 1996

20 fr3 small
20 bk3 small
Design and Security features remain the same as Series two (2) except the Novel Numbering is progressively larger on the right side of the note

Issued: March 16, 1998

100 fr2 small
100 bk2 small
Design and Security features same as Series one (1) except for the Silver, clear text, de-metalised, windowed thread with the word "Guyana" in it

Issued: March , 2006

Design and Security features same as Series two (2) except for the addition of an Electrotype in the form of a map (Watermark)

Issued:Revised: January 25, 2012

100 front specimen
100 back specimen
Design and Security features identical to Series three (3) except the Electrotype was replaced with the value of the note (100) horizontally

Issued: October 11, 1996

500 fr2 small
500 bk2 small

Issued: January 24, 2000

500 fr3 small
500 bk3 small

Launched: February 11, 2022
 Issued: February 14, 2022

2000 frontsmall2000 backsmall
  • A large transparent window lets you see through the note. Within this window, you can see “$2000” in transparent text, as well as the image of a jaguar.
  • Colour-changing ink partially overprints the smaller transparent window and can be seen through the back of the note, producing a colour-changing effect.
  • Raised printing is featured on the large multi-colour numerals or the text reading “Bank of Guyana”. The raised printing can be detected by running a finger across these areas.
  • Tactile identification is available to the blind or partially sighted, with a TOUCH™ tactile element indicating the note’s denomination.
  • A colour-changing flower on the front of the note changes from gold to green as you tilt the note. Also, a rolling bar pattern moves across the flower as the note is tilted.
  • A bright gold pattern can be seen around the large window on the back of the note as it is tilted in the light.
  • UV light will reveal some of the note’s features. On the front, the vertical serial number and a hidden numeral will appear, while on the back you will find the text “One Guyana”.
  • Magnificationon some areas which appear to be simple lines will reveal the word “GUYANA” in a repeating pattern on the edges of the note.

Launched: November 15, 2013
 Issued: December 9, 2013


Issued: December 20, 2022


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