There are three coins issued by the Bank of Guyana. The denominations are as follows: $10, $5, $1.These  coins were put into circulation on 26th May, 1996

   Coin           Description                Specifications


Rice is a staple food in Guyana. Its cultivation is deeply rooted in the country's
culture and history

Alloy: Copper-plated steel
Diameter: 17.00mm
Weight: 2.40gms
Shape: Round
Edge: Milled


5 Coin

Sugar cane is a principal agricultural crop which contributes significantly to
the economy

Alloy: Copper-plated steel
Diameter: 20.50mm
Weight: 3.75gms
Shape: round 
Edge: Milled


100 Coin

$100 circulating coin struck in multi-ply nickel with the image of the 50th Republic Anniversary Logo in 4 colours

Alloy: Multi-ply nickel
Diameter: 28mm
Weight: 7.00gms
Shape: round 
Edge: Milled